Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Book Review: Going Back to Work

Going Back to Work: A Survival Guide for Comeback Moms Going Back to Work: A Survival Guide for Comeback Moms by Mary W. Quigley

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
This excellent resource is for women who have been stay-at-home moms for one year to fifteen years and want to go back to work. The co-authors, Mary Quigley and Loretta Kaufman constructed the book through 100 interviews and 1000 survey responses. They cover issues about balancing work and family, finding the right career (or job) for you and starting your own business. They even cover not getting lost on the information superhighway and managing guilt. My only problem with the book was that it could have be formatted with more white space in between topics and could have included less personal stories -- 100 people is a bit much to keep track of. However, I plan to use this book as a resource for my "Working Mom, Happy Mom" seminar series this fall. This book is used by Garla Smith and Michele Yanik in their Smart Moms business, which helps employ moms in part time admin jobs.

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