Thursday, July 10, 2008

Journaling Your Memoir Class at Sertoma Arts Center

Here are more pictures from our Sertoma Journaning Class -- July 9-July 30th 2008!

Last night the first session of my "Journaling Your Memoir" class met at Sertoma Arts Center from 7-9 pm. The Arts Center is adjacent to Shelley Lake, near the intersection of Leadmine and Millbrook Roads in N Raleigh. We had a lot of people show -- 7 women and 1 very brave man, James. James just decided to take my class that day when he called me up to see how he could get his writing together. Go James!

The class read a short memoir of 750 words to get a feel for what a memoir is supposed to look and feel like and then we did several writing exercises. In between these exercises I provided some guided instruction on the craft of memoir. I also provided caramel oatmeal squares. I always provide some sort of yummy treat at all of my workshops and book clubs.

Speaking of which, my next book club meets Fri. July 25th at 10am at Cameron Village Library. Our book this time is Kindred by Octavia Butler. My book club, the Wonderland Book Club, is now on Meet Up and Good Reads after heeding the advice of several of my Web 2.0 friends.

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