Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bridges, Part 2

So, here's my update on the Hanging Bridge in Shubuta, MS, which is part of my research for my Independent Studies Class. I called the Clarke County Chamber and got a call back the next day from Miss Anne who told me to contact Jerry Mason, who has done a book on the Shubuta Bridge. Great, I thought! So I called him in the early afternoon yesterday after finding nothing on Google. Jerry did call back and immediately knew which bridge I wanted to know more about it. He sure knew his stuff. He said his book on Shubuta took 9 years of research and he used old newspaper clippings and tried to get first hand accounts, but many of these people said, "Don't you dare use my name!" on account that they didn't want to get lynched, too, I imagine. Mississippi wasn't very safe back then if you were on the other side of the color line. Jerry and I talked and it turns out his father witnessed the dead boys in 1942 being dragged through town and he also said they were put in jail (then the mob took them out of jail and lynched them under the bridge) because they stole tires! But back then, this was a big deal because rubber was rationed. If you came across a tire, you had to turn it in and these boys didn't bother. I'm getting Jerry's book for only $20 and he says it has lots of before and after (restoration) pictures of the Hanging Bridge. Now the bridge is closed to the public and this happened after they found a dead women's body in a car -- I say this bridge is cursed!

Yesterday, I started laying out my poetry book and hit a few snags with Adobe Pagemaker, which I hope to resolve this afternoon. I want to include photos on the pages since my book is called "Ghostcards" -- makes sense to me anyway. Looking through my old photo albums is a little scary-- Ack! I have bad hair! and what about those bangs~ I also am next to people that I don't see anymore; we've all gone our separate ways.

I also sent out an email for my free writing workshop in Raleigh at the Royal Bean and have gotten several responses! It'll be from 7:30-9:30 on Wed. July 12th and all writers at all levels are welcome.

Till next time (which will be about vacation planning)

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