Friday, June 23, 2006

Building Bridges revision

Jerry D. (JD) Mason let me know that the Charlie Lang and Ernest Green (the two 14-yr old boys who were lynched off of the Shubuta bridge in 1942) that "the boys did not get hung from stealing tires. That got hung from "raping" a white woman. Actually they just scared her as she was walking home on just south of Shubuta. But the boys had been in trouble before for having tires, which as a rationed item." Sorry JD for the misinformation. I started a riff on tires being black and rolling and how these boys wanted to roll, but were trapped. JD's book on Shubuta also shed some much-needed light on how the boys were forcibly extracted from the Quitman jail and how the City Marshall, G.F. Dabbs, tried to hold off the mob. The Mississippi governor, Paul B. Johnson, dismissed the lynchings and wanted to find who did it. Definitely, by 1942, lynchings were not public spectacles anymore like at the turn of the century, the teens and the twenties. This lynching occured in the early morning hours when darkness could cover the lynchers' trail. The FBI also investigated.

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